Save time, reduce risks, increase impact

Never miss out on the latest updates of legislative procedures. Easily obtain hidden insights from complex political data
thanks to our built-in algorithms. Visualize the progress of procedures and anticipate the next steps.

Real-Time Monitoring

Never miss out on any legislative changes

We monitor 24/7 the Curia Vista database, the news outlets, and Twitter. You filter by keywords, reference numbers, dates, or topics. We send you email notifications whenever a change occurs.

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Predictive Analytics

Analyze political data with our predictive models

Our machine learning algorithms predict upcoming parliamentary votes and the probability of adoption of open amendment. Our speech analysis model automatically identifies the ideological position of parliamentarians on different topics.

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Interactive Visualization

Explore and Combine Votes, Amendments, Speeches, and More

We provide you with an interface to ease the reading, analysis, and management of amendments (no more Fahnen!). You create and export vote tables in one click to identify key information and focus on what’s important for you.

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Become an Early Adopter!

DemoSquare is currently under development.
Become an early adopter by requesting a demo or learn more about us by sending us an email.

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